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Congratulations is in Order!

Posted 2 months ago by Tim Jayne in News

The Society of Army Physician Assistants extends heartfelt congratulations to our esteemed Army Director, Bill Soliz, on his presidential nomination to the rank of Brigadier General. To follow is a Senate confirmation for promotion.

This historic nomination marks COL Soliz as the first Active Duty Army Physician Assistant to become nominated by the president as a General Officer. 

Throughout his career, COL Soliz has exemplified the highest standards of excellence and dedication, embodying the values and spirit of the Army PA. Congratulations Sir!  We are confident in the impactful leadership you will bring to your new role.


LTC Ismael Flecha Jr. 25 days ago


Patrick Malone about 3 hours ago

Congratulations Bill, well deserved promotion of a true warrior and PA.

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