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2022 SAPA Board of Directors Election Results

Posted about 2 years ago in News

Greetings SAPA constituents,


The results of the recent election for the SAPA Board of Directors have been tabulated.  Please join me in congratulating the following candidates.  I am very hopeful for the future of SAPA, all of the candidates (not just the winners) were all quality people.


President-Elect: Tim Jayne

Secretary: Scott Fisher

Treasurer: George Barbee

National Guard Director: William Hammond

Reserve Director: Jeri Starling

Retired Director: Mike Champion

Active Duty Director: Adrian Donias

Federal Services Director: Frank Piper

Civilian Director: Karen Reedy

AAPA House of Delegates

Bob Potter

Scott Festa

Alternate AAPA House of Delegates

Sharon Rosser



Scott Festa

SAPA, President


James Kedrow almost 2 years ago


Larry Walther almost 2 years ago

Mike Champion: Please give me a phone call at 918-961-2084.

Donald Black over 1 year ago

I am extending the Grimes Scholarship application process through the end of July 2023. Please put this on the website for early review.


Don B.

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