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Borden Institute has officially released the 2nd Edition of the US Army Physician Assistant Handbook

Posted 11 months ago in News

“From the Line . . . for the Line.”

We dedicate this handbook to past Physician Assistants who forged the path that shaped our current environment. This second edition commemorates their legacy and achievements; may they never be forgotten. This handbook is also dedicated to the Physician Assistants stationed worldwide who are currently serving our nation. The handbook propagates the illustrious narrative of the US Army Physician Assistant. Our hope is that this handbook will be worn and tattered from use, displayed prominently, and esteemed as a useful resource. We are honored to have had the pleasure and privilege to lead this literary effort, and we look forward to what the future generation of Physician Assistants will produce for the follow-on editions of the handbook.

Tripler and JBSA-FSH both held successful book launch events and several of the authors were present to sign copies of the handbook. Other installations are planning book launch events so please stay tuned for those announcements.

To order a copy of the U.S. Army Physician Assistant Handbook, Second Edition, visit the link below. U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence @ or download a free copy of the entire book as an ePUB or Kindle Mobi.

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