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Veteran’s Day

Posted 5 months ago by Tim Jayne

On behalf of SAPA, I want to give a huge shoutout to our veteran heroes in healthcare. Your service as PAs in the military is nothing short of extraordinary.

You've been on the front lines, not just in battles but in caring for those who fight them. Your dedication goes beyond the call of duty. In the toughest spots, under the most intense pressure, you've shown what it means to be a skilled, compassionate PA.

Your stories and experiences are more than just tales of service; they're lessons in bravery and dedication. You've helped shape the world of military medicine and left an incredible mark on the PA profession.

As we celebrate this Veterans Day, we're not just remembering your service; we're inspired by it. Your sacrifices, and those of your families, have kept us safe and free. You represent the best of us - selfless, brave, and committed to making a difference.

To all our veteran PAs, thank you. You're not just part of our history; you're part of our family. We stand with you, today and always.

With all respect and appreciation,
Tim Jayne
SAPA President 23-24


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